Night show in Koko Bongo Night-club

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Koko Bongo Night-club is a place in Punta Kana famous for it's unbelievable performances and shows.

The club is equipped with the latest sound and light technology. It is famous for it's unforgettable performances, which include outstanding singers, acrobats and many more.

In addition, they held dancing parties, where you can enjoy a wide variety of music styles: from 70-s hits to pop-music. You can also see live performances there.

Days of the tour: every day

What is included:
  • Transfer from the hotel and back
  • Entrance ticket
  • Open-air bar
Several options
  • Drink Pack
    • First floor of the club
    • 5 cocktails with local drinks
    Cost: from $70 per person

  • Gold Member
    • Second floor of the club
    • Unlimited premium drinks
    Cost: from $165 per person
  • Front Row
    • Table in the front row on the second floor
    • Table service included
    • Unlimited premium drinks
    • The number of seats at the table are limited
    Cost: from $185 per person
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Koko Bongo Night-club
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